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Field Repair Services

Equipment Serviced

  • Gate Valve Machining
  • Globe Valve Machining
  • Flange facers
  • Portable Milling
  • Boring Bars
  • SRV Nozzle cutting machines
  • Journal Lathe
  • Portable Keyway Cutter

Pacific Industrial Service, Inc. is able to respond quickly to your needs for on-site and in-line valve repair and maintenance.

  • Mobile Units
    Our mobile trailers contain cleaning, machining, lapping, and testing equipment for the restoration of all types of valves and actuators.
  • Engineering Support Services
    Our technical support staff complements our field services by providing solutions to the most complex situations; from complete in-line valve rebuilding to on-site actuator refurbishment testing.
  • On-Call 24 Hours a Day
    Immediate on-site response is available to get you back in full operation in a cost-effective and time-saving manner from machining to welding.
  • On-Site Actuator Refurbishment
    Whether assisting your staff with routine actuator preventive maintenance or doing a complete field rebuild of a failed actuator, we provide responsible and cost-effective actuator services.
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control
    All work activities are performed according to procedures, and permanent records are maintained.
  • In-Line Machining
    The Pacific Industrial Service, Inc. Staff of professionals demonstrate the full range of their in-line machining services.
  • Online Valve Testing
    Lift assist device
  • Flange Facers 4" to 42" Portable Milling Machine
  • Journal Squirrel Machine
  • Steamtrap Surveying and Service 
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Field Repair Services Field Repair Services Field Repair Services Field Repair Services
Field Repair Services Field Repair Services Field Repair Services
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