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VRASME Certification and/or Test Reports

Safety Manual Manual Continues Actuator Control
Farris Chapman Yarway Jamesbury Bailey
Taylor Tru Seals Familian NW Worchester Masonelilan
Spirax/Sarco Welmet Edwards Limitorgue Fisher
Kunkle Walworth Crane Rotorque Valtek
Consolidated Twin Seal Chapman EMI Copes Vulcan
Crosby General Velan Automax Jamesbury
Anderson Greendwood Everlasting Powell Kinetrol Taylor
Girard Willamette Milwaukee Bailey Spirax/Sarco
Spence Kits Newco Alma Dezurik
Lonergan Hasco Red/White AMI OCV

These are the major valves we service. We are not limited to these manufacturers. If you have a valve that is not listed, please contact us and give you a quote

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